Rhema’s Specialty Formulation Portfolio

Rhema owns many formulations that are ready for production. These formulas are tested, proven and available for production.

Save months of development and regulatory approvals by choosing from the list below. Don’t see exactly what you’d like, give us a call or fill
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Category Product Flavour Rhema Formula ID
Antioxidant Glutathione (Antioxidant/Beauty) Tropical Drink Mix Tropical 9611
Antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 Mixed Berry Drink Mix Mixed Berry 9572
Focus / Vision / Antioxidant GABA / Lutein (Sport Focus) Tropical Drink Mix Tropical 9585
Greens Organic Greens Unflavoured Drink Pwd Unflavoured 9599
Greens Rhema Greens Various Flavours Blend Pwd Lemon Lime 9668
Immunity Immunity Apple Lychee Drink Mix Apple Lychee 9614
Kid’s Meal Toddler Formula Unflavoured Pwd Unflavoured 10094
Kid’s Meal Youth Breakfast Drink Powder Vanilla 5742
Nootropic Silkworm (Memory) Extract Apple Drink Mix Apple 9583
Nootropic PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) (Memory) Black Raspberry Drink Mix Black Raspberry 9615
Sports Nutrition Rhema Pre-Workout Various Flavour Blend Pwd (with Rednite) Mixed Berry 9626
Sports Nutrition Rhema Whey Protein Concentrate 20 Gram Protein Chocolate Pwd Chocolate 9948
Sports Nutrition Rhema Pre-Workout Various Flavours Blend Pwd Orange Mango 9899
Stress Relief Suntheanine (Stress Relief) Hot Chocolate Drink Mix Chocolate 9577
Weight Management Rhema Wellness Meal Replacement Various Flavours Blend Pwd Chocolate 9684
Weight Management Weight Control Instant Soup Vegetarian Hot & Sour 9632
Women’s Health Women’s Forever Young Instant Smoothie Pomegranate Berry 5523
Women’s Health Women’s Stress Relief Tea Pomegranate Green Tea 5524
Women’s Health Women’s Beauty Capsule n/a 10093
Women’s Health Women’s Probiotic with Cranberry Capsule n/a 10096


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