Rhema's Core Values


The Rhema team is comprised of highly skilled experts leading each critical department along your new products journey. Our specialized team members are woven together by a central criterion. A mandate with an unwavering primary objective to always exceed our customers’ expectations. We achieve this by having each team member: be accountable, communicate proactively, be empathetic towards their co-members, stand up strong individually to deliver expertise in their roles, strive for excellence at any task level’s ranking, and to put the team first.


Regardless of the level of business we are assisting you with, we are always dedicated to innovation. We strive to set industry trends by optimizing our manufacturing and operating procedures. Our modern formulation seeks excellence in flavour and texture technologies, as well as pharmacological technologies. Our drive to be progressive and modern in our practices allows you to take advantage of the trending market brands and differentiate your brand from the rest.


The Rhema team is dedicated to uncompromising quality standards, taking responsibility for the work we do, being accountable for our actions, and making the right choice because it’s the right thing to do.


Honesty is not just the best policy; it’s the only policy. We stand by our open book quality control and assurance initiative, and our commitment to deliver on our word. Here at Rhema, our promises are clear cut and true.

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