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Quality without compromise

We take the quality of your product very seriously recognizing that we are the gatekeeper for your customer’s safety.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We adhere to a robust, comprehensive set of SOPs updated regularly to meet new and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We have a custom-designed ERP system that incorporates the appropriate checks and balances so that SOPs are followed and compliance steps are maintained. Finished products cannot be quality released for sale without electronic sign-off by authorized personnel within our ERP.


Strict guidelines are in place for the sanitation of our facility, our equipment and ensuring the health and hygiene of our people. Our staff is regularly trained on GMP regulations and complies with approved gowning procedures.


In-process testing and 2-party verifications occur through the entire production process. Rhema uses government approved third party laboratories to conduct chemical testing such as microanalysis, assay, heavy metals, pesticides and solvent residues. The Rhema team works with you to establish an approved spec with a compliant testing regime.


Equipment is regularly validated for optimal performance and a preventative maintenance program is adhered to through our SOPs.


We maintain regular certifications for Site Licence (Health Canada),
GMPs (NSF and NSF for Sport), Organic (USDA / ProCert) and regularly participate in customer and external audits. We manufacture a variety of products in multiple regulatory channels including Foods, Functional Foods, Dietary Supplements and Natural Health Products (NHP).

Quality without compromise

From careful scrutiny of raw materials to rigorous in-house testing, our quality control team is constantly working to ensure products of the highest calibre. Third party testing rounds out our quality process. 


Before raw materials are purchased, our QC personnel work closely with our Product Development and Sales Teams to ensure that an agreed specification for a raw material or packaging component can be met. We may require physical samples from vendors during this review process. 

Once it is established that the specifications and samples meet the applicable requirements, we retain them as the standard and order the materials. Once the material arrives, it is placed in our secure quarantine area and a receiving record is generated in our proprietary ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. 

We sample the raw material or packaging component using a GMP compliant sampling method. Raw materials are identified by comparing the sample organoleptically against the standard (i.e. by colour, odour, appearance, texture, etc.). 

Packaging components are also measured and compared against the approved standard. Any inconsistencies are brought to the attention of the Assistant QC Manager or Director, Quality and Compliance for further review. Raw materials are then sent out for further testing to third party licensed laboratories. The nature and quantity of tests depend on the agreed specifications. Once we have received satisfactory test results confirming conformance to the applicable specifications, we release the material from quarantine and move it to a designated location of the warehouse to await its use in manufacturing.

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