Quality Assurance

Our focus on quality systems through our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), testing and equipment validation  helps us consistently meet the established specifications for your products.

Our facility, Pitt Meadows, Manufacture
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

We adhere to a robust and  comprehensive set of SOPs that are regularly updated to meet new and ever-changing regulatory requirements.


Equipment is regularly calibrated and validated for optimal performance and we adhere to an ongoing preventative maintenance program.  Staff members are  trained to ensure proper use and consistent results.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our custom-designed ERP system incorporates the appropriate checks and balances and ensures master formulas are followed each time and products can only be shipped after electronic quality-release.


Work-In-Process testing by a quality inspector and operator double-check verifications occur through the manufacturing process. Rhema uses government accredited third-party laboratories to conduct chemical testing such as potency assay, heavy metals, pesticides and solvent residues. We also perform microanalysis at the raw material and finished product stages.  The Rhema team works with you to establish a specification that complies with the regulatory requirements of your products.


Strict guidelines are in place for the sanitation of our facility, our equipment and ensuring the health and hygiene of our people. Additionally, our staff is regularly trained on GMP regulations and complies with approved gowning and material handling procedures.


We maintain regular certifications for GMPs (NSF and NSF for Sport), Natural Health Products (Canada Site Licence),  Organic (USDA/COR) and we regularly participate in customer and external audits. As a result, we are fully certified for global contract manufacturing. Furthermore, we manufacture a variety of products in multiple regulatory channels including Foods, Functional Foods, Dietary Supplements and Natural Health Products (NHP). For a full list of our certifications, click HERE.