Packaging that leads the pack

Flexibility for orders large, or small, with a wide array of formats and add-ons, with Rhema, your product is packaged to perfection. Our high-speed packaging lines can handle tablet and capsule bottling, powder-filling bottles and gusset bags, single-serve sachet and stick packs. Packaging and Labelling

Our fully integrated and fully automatic high-speed packaging line is used for packaging and labelling large orders of tablets and capsules. It includes a bottle descrambler, blower (to remove dust particles), automatic desiccant dispenser, filler, cottoner, metal detector, capper, induction sealer, and neckband or full body sleeve roller. 

An integrated bundler allows bottles to be shrink wrapped into the configuration of your choice ready for insertion into shipping cartons. 

The packaging line can produce up to sixty bottles per minute depending on the quantity per bottle. We offer an array of different sizes of plastic bottles to fill powder, tablets, capsules, and gummies. We have thermal ribbon coding, inkjet coding and foil induction sealing. 


Our flexibility for producing smaller orders comes from five additional filling heads, which allow us to efficiently package a range of tablets, capsules and softgels in a wide range of bottle sizes. Once filled, these bottles are transferred to our secondary packaging line for labelling, sleeving and bundling. This packaging line is also used to label our powder products.



Our labelling lines allow us to seal bottles and jars using pressure sensitive or foil heat induction caps in a variety of styles and colours including child resistant and tear-away. Many of our customers have moved to vented caps to reduce the potential of implosion of bottles in transit or on the shelf. Using roll stock, we can cut neckbands or full body sleeves to the appropriate length so the shrink over your bottle or jar fits perfectly. You can also choose to have horizontal and/or vertical perforations.


New to Rhema is the ability to fill soft plastic gusset bags. Bags are formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process. This packaging format is perfect for distributors looking to reduce transit costs and maximize labelling space as the bag offers greater surface area to give your consumers the right message.


New to Rhema is the ability to fill single serve stick packs in two sizes: 23mm and 30mm. These sticks can be filled in quantities from 2g to 18g and are perfect for distributors who want to exploit the growing consumer trend to convenient dosage formats.



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